Memorial Album of the Musical 5 - Eternal Legend
Memorial Album 5

Nippon Columbia


Musical, vocal, soundtrack


Various singers

# of tracks




Release date

September 19, 1997

Memorial Album of the Musical 5 - Eternal Legend was a Sera Myu CD that contained the soundtrack for the musical, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Eternal Legend".

Track List

  1. Overture
  2. The Holy Warriors of Orleans
  3. Coffin of Darkness
  4. Lies Forevermore
  5. Kick Out a Bloody Mystery
  6. Galaxia Gorgeous
  7. Chasin' After You
  8. I Miss You
  9. To a Brand-New World
  10. Arriving When the Time Has Come
  11. Banquet of the Sky
  12. Princess Kakyuu and the Three Lights
  13. The Pilot's Game
  14. Each One's Elegy
  15. Women's Dispute
  16. The Holy Warriors of Orleans ~ Uranus and Neptune's Betrayal
  17. Being Cornered
  18. It's All Right Now
  19. La Fatalité Star Warriors
  20. Curtain Call ~ Medley
  21. La Soldier

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