Memorial Album of the Musical 3 - Sailor Moon SuperS
Memorial Album 3

Nippon Columbia


Musical, vocal


Various singers

# of tracks




Release date

July 21, 1995

Memorial Album of the Musical 3 - Sailor Moon SuperS was a Sera Myu CD that contained the soundtrack for the musical, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS ~ Dream Warriors - Love - Into Eternity...".

Track List

  1. Double Moonlight Romance
  2. Fun in the Forest
  3. From the Amazon Came a Circus Troupe
  4. The Black Dream of the Dead Moon
  5. Revival! We Won't Allow a Crisis
  6. Mop, Hop, Step, Jump
  7. Miss Dream
  8. Triple Dreams
  9. Usagi Circus Show Time
  10. The Good Kid Gave Up
  11. Please Remember Yourself
  12. Tuxedo Loyal
  13. La Moon
  14. Over the Moon
  15. Stay Alone
  16. To a Brand-New World
  17. Sailor Senshi Comment
  18. La Soldier


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