Memorial Album of the Musical 2 - Sailor Moon S
Memorial Album of the Musical 2

Nippon Columbia


Musical, vocal


Various singers

# of tracks




Memorial Album of the Musical 2 - Sailor Moon S was a Sera Myu CD that contained songs and background music from the musical, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S ~ Usagi - The Path to Become the Warrior of Love".

Track List

  1. Overture from the King ~ Endymion's Theme
  2. Solar Miracle, Make Up
  3. Searching for the Talisman
  4. Lovers in the Gondola
  5. Attack of the Gondola
  6. Super Beauty! Uranus and Neptune
  7. Death Managers Step Together
  8. Dream - Dreams are Huge
  9. Usagi! You Fight Too
  10. Provocation
  11. Dance of the Nightmares
  12. Tuxedo Mask Appearance Theme
  13. Setting Out on a Journey
  14. Tuxedo Mission
  15. Within a Whirlpool of Sadness
  16. Melee! Topple the Old Foe
  17. Transformation! The Soldiers
  18. Sailor War '94
  19. L'Amour D'Amour Moonlight
  20. La Soldier


Memorial Album 2 Back (SeraMyuAntics)
The back of the album

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