Memorial Album of the Musical - Marinamoon Special Edition
MarinaMoon Special Edition





Various singers

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Release date

December 22, 2004

Memorial Album of the Musical - Marinamoon Special Edition was a Sera Myu CD that was released in honor of Marina Kuroki's graduation from the musicals. The disc contained songs from the musicals she had performed in.

Track List

  1. Private Mystery Circle
  2. Moment Fatal
  3. 21st Century ~ We Can't Be Soldiers of Love Forever (2001 Summer Version)
  4. La Soldier (Full Chorus 2001 Summer Version)
  5. Usagi Love Magic
  6. The Conceited Girl Has Come!!
  7. Triangle Secret!
  8. Usagi and Her Four Friends' Shifting Thoughts
  9. Sailor War '94
  10. HEREAFTER...
  11. Mystery Search
  12. Moonlight Syndicate
  13. Dangerous Love
  14. Everyone's Love Can't Be Returned
  15. What For?! The Fruit of Truth
  16. Here Goes! Shining Star
  17. The Color of the Earth Is Salad Time
  18. Moonlight Justice
  19. We Drifted Ashore, But... (2004 Summer Version)
  20. Pure Narcissism
  21. Everyone Is Loved by Someone
  22. LINK (1 Chorus 2004 Summer Version)
  23. Words of Promise


  • All of the songs except "Words of Promise" had all been previously recorded and can be found on earlier CDs.

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