Memorial Album of the Musical - Eternal Edition 3 Sailor Moon Together With Pretty Child
Eternal Edition 3

Sony Japan




Various singers

# of tracks




Release date

January 1, 2003

Memorial Album of the Musical - Eternal Edition 3 is a Sera Myu CD that contains a compilation of songs performed by Chibiusa and other child characters in the musicals.

Track List

  1. Pinky Typhoon
  2. Silent Hameln
  3. Rainbow-Colored Monochrome
  4. The Night Won't Be Born from This Pulse
  5. The Dreaming Forest's Dream of Dreams
  6. Why Is This So Familiar?
  7. Chibiusa's Rebellion
  8. The Heart of a Ray of Light ~ The Face of Ambition
  9. What is a Mother?
  10. At Last We Meet
  11. Chibiusa's Spirit
  12. It's Chibiusa Once Again
  13. Provocation
  14. Pinky Typhoon (Karaoke)
  15. Chibiusa's Spirit (Karaoke)
  16. It's Chibiusa Once Again (Karaoke)
  17. Mirror, Could It Be...
  18. Harsh! Saint Cry!!
  19. Messenger of Flame (1 chorus Version)
  20. The Hostie (Holy Body) of Silence
  21. Everlasting Moonlight
  22. 21st Now Millennium ~ We Can't Be Soldiers of Love Forever
  23. Sanctuary of the Galaxy

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