Memorial Album of the Musical - Eternal Edition 2
Eternal Edition 2

Sony Japan




Various singers

# of tracks




Release date

December 29, 2001

Memorial Album of the Musical - Eternal Edition 2 was a Sera Myu CD that contained a compilation of the Sailor Senshi themes in the musicals.

Track List

  1. The Last Change
  2. Drive Me The Mercury
  3. Messenger of Flame
  4. Zigzag Slash
  5. Traditional the Grace ~Storm of Love~
  6. Harsh! Saint Cry!!
  7. Forbidden Hades
  8. To a Brand-New World
  9. It's Chibiusa Once Again
  10. Best Songs Medley
  11. New Innocent Demand
  12. Moment Fatal Karaoke
  13. Harsh! Saint Cry!! Karaoke
  14. Forbidden Hades Karaoke
  15. To a Brand-New World Karaoke
  16. It's Chibiusa Once Again Karaoke
  17. La Moon Instrumental Version
  18. Everlasting Moonlight Instrumental Version
  19. LINK Instrumental Version
  20. FIRE Instrumental Version
  21. Moment Fatal Instrumental Version
  22. Moonlight Legend (2002 Musical Version)
  23. LINK Orgel Tone
  24. La Soldier Orgel Tone

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