Memorial Album of the Musical - Dark Side Edition
Dark Side Edition

Nippon Columbia


Musical, vocal


Various singers

# of tracks




Release date

July 20, 2001

Memorial Album of the Musical - Dark Side Edition was a Sera Myu CD that contained a compilation of songs that were performed by the villians in the musicals.

Track List

  1. Innocent Demand
  2. Black Moon Signal
  3. Sonnet of Darkness
  4. The Binary Star of Heresy
  5. Dark Madonna
  6. All Of You Shall Die
  7. Guoul Guoul Guoula
  8. The Eve of Homunculus' Birth
  9. The Loneliness of Count Dracul
  10. The Female Pirate's Strategy
  11. The Skirmish in the Middle of the Storm
  12. Star Glory
  13. Coffin of Darkness
  14. Banquet of the Sky
  15. Star Hunter
  16. Galaxia's Dictatorship
  17. From the Amazon Came a Circus Troupe
  18. The Black Dream of the Dead Moon
  19. Searching for the Talisman
  20. Darkness is Beautiful

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