Memorial Album of the Musical - Best Soundtrack 2
Best Sountrack 2 Better






# of tracks


Release date

July 29, 2000

Memorial Album of the Musical - Best Soundtrack 2 was a Sera Myu CD that contained a compilation of background music from the musicals.

Track List

  1. Darkness in the Middle of Darkness
  2. Variety Bangumi Opening
  3. The Black Conspiracy - The Amazon Trio Appears
  4. Returning to the Coffin of Darkness
  5. Already Good Fantasy
  6. The Spirit of Chibiusa
  7. Tension '98
  8. The Death of Saturn '98
  9. Amazon Trio A
  10. Amazon Trio B
  11. Amazon Trio C
  12. Small Storm
  13. Middle Storm
  14. Big Storm
  15. Dance of the Pirate
  16. Conspiracy of the Female Pirate
  17. Kaguya Island - Old Tale
  18. Heart of the Young Cat
  19. Why Is This So Familiar?
  20. Feelings of a Mother
  21. Slipping Into Stealthy Footsteps
  22. Premonition of a Fight
  23. The Metamorphose Plot of the Comet Coatl
  24. Death of the Pirates
  25. The Dark Disease of the Omen
  26. Everyone Is Loved by Someone (piano solo)
  27. Dracul's Ressurection
  28. The Sorrow of Dracul
  29. The Death of Dracul
  30. Homunculus
  31. Triple Destiny 2000
  32. Don't Die! Chibiusa 2000
  33. Chibiusa Appears
  34. The Dreams Inside the Dreams of a Dreaming Person
  35. The Fortune Teller of Darkness - Lilith
  36. Chance Encounter - Magic Formation
  37. The Last Change (piano solo)
  38. Frightening Vampire
  39. Astarte Appears
  40. Being Cornered
  41. Lullaby of Loneliness

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