Memorial Album of the Musical - Best Soundtrack
Memorial Album of the Musical Best Soundtrack






# of tracks




Release date

September 19, 1997

Memorial Album of the Musical - Best Soundtrack was a Sera Myu CD that contained background music from the musicals that ran from 1993-1997.

Track List

  1. Battle ~ Close Counter, Forced Double Suicide
  2. The First Omen
  3. Usagi's Determination ~ Four People Protect Me
  4. Triple Fate
  5. Confrontation of the Red and Black
  6. Miraculous Ressureciton
  7. Leaving the Memories Behind
  8. Transformation! The Soldiers
  9. Attack of the Gondola
  10. Tension
  11. Melee! Topple the Old Foe
  12. Sailor Moon Appears
  13. Don't Die! Chibiusa
  14. The Sailor Suited Pretty Soldiers Appear
  15. Usagi! You Fight Too!
  16. Within a Whirlpool of Sadness
  17. Talisman Appears
  18. Crystal Forest
  19. Moonlit Date
  20. Extinction, Amazon Trio
  21. Conspiracy of Black
  22. Mirror Shock!
  23. Dream Mirror
  24. Zirconia's Black Dream
  25. Pegasus Appears ~ Double Transformation
  26. Forest of Elysion (Orgel version)
  27. Overture ~ Michiru and Haruka's Concert
  28. The Starlights Appear
  29. Avant-garde of Sadness and Anger
  30. Banquet of the Seed Garden
  31. Kin Shogunate White State Place
  32. Miraculous Return to Life ~ La Moon
  33. Overture
  34. Galactica Palace
  35. Sailor Moon Appears 2
  36. Dark Kingdom's Betrayel
  37. Galaxy Cauldron
  38. Whirlpool of the Black Hole
  39. Curtain Call - Medley

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