Memorial Album of the Musical - Best Songs Collection
Best Songs Collection Sera Myu

Nippon Columbia


Sera Myu


Various singers

# of tracks




Release date

January 1, 2000

Memorial Album of the Musical - Best Songs Collection is a Sera Myu CD that contained some the most popular songs from the Sailor Moon musicals.

Track List

  1. MC 1
  2. Let's Have a Summer Vacation
  3. Adventure into Light
  4. MC 2
  5. Sailor Busters
  6. The Holy Warriors of Orleans
  7. MC 3
  8. Chasin' After You
  9. MC 4
  10. Darkness is Beautiful
  11. The Ambition of the Comet Coatl
  12. MC 5
  13. From the Amazon Came a Circus Troupe
  14. The Female Pirate's Strategy
  15. MC 6
  16. Galaxia Gorgeous
  17. MC 7
  18. Bundle the Heart, Makin' For the Right
  19. See Me, It's Our Era
  20. MC 8
  21. Solar Miracle, Make Up
  22. MC 9
  23. Everyone Is Loved by Someone
  24. MC 10
  25. Sailor War

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