Megumi Hayashibara
Hayashibara Megumi
Megumi Hayashibara

March 30, 1967



BirthplaceTokyo, Japan

Masaharu Amiya (m.March 30, 1998)


Daughter (b.June 28, 2004)


Voice actress, singer, lyricist, radio personality, narrator

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Himeko Nayotake

Megumi Hayashibara is a Japanese voice actress who voiced Himeko Nayotake in the first anime movie, the Sailor Moon S movie

Megumi is one of the most prominent voice actresses in Japan, and her other roles include Ai Haibara in "Detective Conan", Pyocola Analogue III/Piyoko in "Di Gi Charat", female Ranma Saotome in "Ranma ½", Jessie/Musashi in "Pokémon", Lina Inverse in "Slayers", Rei Ayanami in "Neon Genesis Evangelion", and Faye Valentine in "Cowboy Bebop".[1]

She is also a very prominent singer in Japan, and has released a multitude of singles. Also, she is a licensed and qualified nurse.[2]


  • Other names and nicknames of hers include MEGUMI (as a lyricist), Megu-san, Megu-nee, Bara-san, Kakka, and Daijin.
  • She studied at a Catholic school, and was bullied in fifth grade.
  • Her height is 155cm or 5'1.[3]
  • Her blood type is O.
  • She has won a multitude of awards.
  • She likes dogs (especially Snoopy), dolphins, and sharks.[4]
  • Her hobbies are aromatherapy and collecting telephone cards.


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