City, Ward, and/or District

Azabu-Juuban District, Minato Ward, Tokyo Metropolis


Cake shop

First Appearance

Magical Power of Darkness! Esmeraude's Invasion

Maxi-5 is a small cake shop as well as a Negative Point in Sailor Moon R. It had its grand opening in episode 76, along with an "all you can eat" cake fest to celebrate such a milestone. Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako hear about the shop and attend its grand opening. Esmeraude also goes as well and eventually learns that it's a Negative Point. Later on in the episode, Esmeraude takes out the staff at the back of the shop and plants a Dark Henge on the Negative Point. She also summons Marzipan to protect the the statue while it grows. 

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