Mars and Venus Daggers




Sailor Mars
Sailor Venus

Used for


In the live-action series, Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus were able to transform their Sailor Star Tambourines into daggers. They were referred to as the Mars and Venus Daggers. The weapons do not have an official name.

Sailor Mars first used the daggers in Act 49, when she, Mercury and Jupiter, called on the power of their respective home planets to help them stop Princess Serenity from destroying the Earth in her grief. Holding onto Venus' Star Tambourine, she was able to transform it and her own into the Mars and Venus daggers. Her own dagger is red and is in front of Venus' orange one.

Sailor Venus used the daggers in the Special Act to stop Queen Mio and prevent her evil from spreading. Her orange dagger is in front of Mars' red one.

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