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First Appearance

Act 28 - Infinity 2, Ripples (manga)
Act 28 - Infinity 2, Ripples (episode) (Crystal))

Mars Snake Fire is a fire/flame-related attack performed by Sailor Mars in the manga, stage musicals, Crystal and video games.


In the manga, this attack was first used against Eudial in Act 28. To perform the attack, Sailor Mars created a snake made of fire and sent it toward her enemy.


Sailor Mars first uses this attack in Episode 29 against Eudial, but Eudial seemed to have thrown back the attack at her and Sailor Jupiter.

To perform this attack, she summoned fire and surround it around herself, she then absorbed it in her hand, and threw the fire from her enemy, which will later form in the shape of a snake and attack her enemies.

Mars Snake Fire - Sailor Moon Crystal Season III00:07

Mars Snake Fire - Sailor Moon Crystal Season III


This attack was first used in the musical Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S ~ Usagi - The Path to Become the Warrior of Love, where it was used to destroy Death Ru, one of the Death Mannetjes.

Video Games

This attack was also used in the following video games


  • The kanji used in the manga for the attack translates to "Snake Blaze".
  • In the first opening of Sailor Moon S, Mars is briefly seen performing the attack.
  • Her original counterpart used another animal-shaped fire attack in the Doom Tree saga of the second season. The fire she released took on the shape of a cawing phoenix.

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