Mariko Goto
Gotō Mariko
Full Name

Mariko Gotō


February 22


A cover of Warrior of Love along with Abu-chan

Mariko Goto is a Japanese singer, and actress, born in Osaka, Japan.

Mariko started her singing career on 2000, by creating her first band called Usagi, however after they disbanded on 2003, Mariko then created another group called Midori on the same year. Mariko served as the main vocal, and guitarist, and with the group, they made 5 albums, until the group disbanded on 2010, then Mariko then started a single career, and now also focusing with acting, one drama being Taberu Dake as lead role, Shizuru.[1]

Mariko, along with Abu-chan sang Warrior of Love on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL TRIBUTE.[2]


External Links


  1. Page on Japanese Wikipedia
  2. Official Track Page

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