Manos Venieris

Actor, Voice actor, Director, Writer

SM Roles

Mamoru Chiba /Maskoforos
(Male roles in general)

Manos Venieris is a Greek actor, stage actor, writer, director and voice actor. He voices the majority of the male roles in the episodes of Ant 1's Greek dub of the first anime with Mamoru Chiba/Maskoforos as his most prominent one.

He is well known for playing teenage and young adult males in the series' dubs in the periods of the late 80's and early 00's. His wife, Maria Mponikou was also part of the cast for female roles. His last voice acting job was the part of the dog character in CatDog.

Aside from a voice actor, he is a stage director and actor, directing stage performances for children and grownups alike, as well as teaching theatre acting in schools. He also collaborates with magazines, contributing with vignettes and lighthearted stories.

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