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Manga Scans

Makoto in Codename Sailor V
Makoto's cameo at the end of Codename: Sailor V: Chapter 16
Makoto standing outside Juuban Municipal Junior High
Be Careful
Makoto telling Usagi to be careful.
Makoto and Asanuma
Makoto and her Japanese style meatloaf.
Makoto expresses her fear for airplanes
Mako parents
Makoto's deceased parents
Jupiter m07
Group m12

Artbook Art

Usagi and the others in the artbook
The Inner Senshi in swimsuits in Artbook I.
Sailor Moon, senshi and Tuxedo Mask in the Artbook
Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Tuxedo Mask in Artbook I.
The Five Inner Senshi
Usagi, Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako in Artbook I.
Usagi (Top) Inner Senshi (Bottom) Artbook 1
Usagi and Luna and the Inner Senshi in Artbook I.
The Inner Senshi Having Lunch
The Inner Senshi in Artbook I.
Five Inners Artbook 1
Usagi and Luna, Makoto and Ami, and Rei and Minako in Artbook I.
Inner Senshi Christmas Artbook 1
The Inner Senshi celebrating Christmas in Artbook I.
Inner Senshi in Kimonos Artbook 1
The Inner Senshi in kimonos in Artbook I.
Makoto in Sailor Moon Artbook I. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Makoto in Sailor Moon Artbook II. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
Rice (m)
Makoto in Artbook IV. Art by Naoko Takeuchi.
All 10 Senshi as Sailors Artbook 3
All 10 Senshi Artbook 4 Cover
All 10 Senshi in white shirts Artbook 4
All 10 Senshi with blond-brown hair Artbook 4
All 10 Senshi in Swimsuits on Lillypad flowers
All 10 Senshi in Tuxedos
All 10 Senshi in Red
All 10 Senshi in Princess Dresses
Sailor Senshi Artbook 4 Blue
Sailor Senshi Fashionable Clothes
Usagi, her Senshi, and Chibi Chibi
Solar System Senshi and the Starlights School
Sailor Senshi White Dresses
Sailor Senshi in Kimonos
Sailor Senshi Wedding Dresses

Concept Art

Makoto Concept Art
Makoto's concept art.


Makoto Princess Naoko Room
Kanzenban 10
The Inner Senshi on the cover of volume 10 of the Kanzenban manga.

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