Makoto Kawamoto
Kawamoto Makoto
Full Name

Kazuyo Kawamoto (川本 和代, Kawamoto Kazuyo)


January 19, 1974 (age 39)


A cover of The Wind, the Sky, Surely...

Makoto Kawamoto, whose real name is Kazuyo Kawamoto (川本 和代 Kawamoto Kazuyo) is a Japanese singer, and also a song-writer. As of now, Makoto works under the name Tiger Fake Fur (タイガーフェイクファ). While her used ones also included, Kawamako (かわまこ), and Taifei (タイフェイ).

Makoto started singing since 1996, releasing her first single called Sense of Love, as of now Makoto has released 4 albums, and 11 singles. She has also done collaborations, and has provided music.[1]

Makoto also performed a cover of The Wind, the Sky, Surely... on the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY MEMORIAL TRIBUTE.[2]


  • Her blood type is "O".

External Links


  1. Page on Japanese Wikipedia
  2. Official Track Page

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