MOMO posing for their single "Just Combination"

MOMO was a spin-off J-Pop duo of the group Sakurakko Club that was created in 1993. The members were Anza Ooyama and Ayako Morino, who were the first actresses to play Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury in the musicals respectively.

The duo released two singles and one video until they disbanded later in the 1990s.


Ep 191 MOMO

A screenshot from episode 191.

  • "Momo" is the Japanese word for "peach".[1]
  • The duo had theme colors. Anza's color was pink and Ayako's was orange.
  • They also wore matching costumes with the word "mo" on them. These costumes would feature each girl's theme color as well.
  • Two girls wearing the costumes that the duo wore can be seen in episode 191 of the first anime.


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