Luna Sucre Candy
Runa Shukuru Kyandi
Cookie pgsm

Sailor Luna


Candy/sugar-based attack

Items Used

Moonlight Stick

First Appearance

Act 29 - Minako's Rival, Mio Kuroki, is a Transfer Student?

Luna Sucre Candy was an attack exclusive to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and was used by Sailor Luna. Using her Moonlight Stick, Sailor Luna sent candy and sweets at her enemy. It is used first in Act 29 to attack a Youma in order to help Sailor Mercury retrieve her Sailor Star Tambourine.


  • Sucre is the French word for "sugar".
  • In some respects the attack is similar to  the Sailor Chibi Moon Pink Sugar Heart Attack, hence the similarities between the two names, as well as the fact that both "attacks" are used by Sailor Senshi who are little girls and the attacks at times have no affect on the enemy and are an annoyance for the most part. However, in the manga Pink Sugar Heart Attack is more powerful and in one episode, the attack blocked Tellu's vine attack, and Sailor Luna was successful in using Luna Sucre Candy to destroy a Youma.


Luna Sucre Candy - PGSM00:14

Luna Sucre Candy - PGSM

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