Love for Ami? A Boy Who Can Predict the Future
亜美ちゃんへの恋!? 未来予知の少年
Ami-chan e no Koi? Mirai Yochi no Shounen

1, Sailor Moon

Air date

October 10, 1992


Katsuyuki Sumizawa


Takao Yoshizawa




Bring a Smile to Naru's Face! Usagi's Friendship


Illustrations of Love! Are Usagi and Mamoru Getting Closer?


“Mercury's Mental Match”

Air date

October 11, 1995




The Power of Friendship


An Artful Attack

Love for Ami? A Boy Who Can Predict the Future” is the 27th episode of season one of Sailor Moon, and the 27th of the overall series. It first aired in Japan on October 10, 1992.


Ami meets Ryo Urawa, a clairvoyant boy who has a crush on her. However, Urawa's power makes him aware that he will soon be transformed into a Youma by Zoisite.


Queen Beryl was with Zoisite and Kunzite. She said that they needed all seven of the Rainbow Crystals to get the Silver Crystal. She was upset that Tuxedo Mask had gotten one of the Rainbow Crystals. Zoisite apologized. Kunzite said that Tuxedo Mask would eventually come for the Rainbow Crystals. He would be able to get it then. Then the queen told Zoisite to go get the other five Rainbow Crystals.

Ami was walking to school. Ryo Urawa came up to her and stopped her by a construction site. Just when Ami asked what he wanted, a large beam fell and smashed a truck right in front of Ami. When Ami turned around, Urawa had already gone somewhere.

At school, they had posted the scores of the test. Usagi was 203rd with a score of 586. She said that her mother would scold her. Makoto hadn't done much better, as she was 201st with a score of 601. They saw that Ami was 2nd with a score of 899. Usagi was surprised. Ami said that she needed to study more because she didn't get a perfect score. Ryo Urawa was 1st with a perfect score of 900. Urawa was a boy Ami's class, who had just transferred to this school. Urawa walked by, but he blushed when Ami called for him, and ran off.

Later Urawa was at the roof of the school. He was looking at an old newspaper cutout of an article on Ami. Urawa remembered what happened during the test. He sat next to Ami. Urawa was panicing, but Ami told him to relax.

Usagi went up to Urawa. She saw the picture of Ami that he was holding and said that Urawa must like Ami. Urawa said that it wasn't that way. He said that he just wanted to reach Ami's test scores. When Usagi said that Urawa had beaten Ami on the last test, Urawa said that he had just gotten lucky. He said that Ami was still much smarter than him. Then Usagi said that she would help him, and ran off. Urawa stopped Usagi to tell her to be careful of water. Then a guy who was on top of the door threw some water and it splashed on Usagi.

Mamoru and Rei were walking down the street together on a date. Rei was hanging on to Mamoru's arm. Mamoru was thinking to himself that he was finding out more about his past. He knew that he had to get the Silver Crystal to find out more. Rei asked Mamoru if something happened. Mamoru said that it was nothing.

Usagi and Urawa were at a coffee shop. Usagi gave Urawa a snapshot of Ami eating a hamburger. Urawa said that he would make it his treasure. Luna saw that the moon stick was responding to Urawa. Usagi asked Urawa if he was going to tell Ami how he felt. He said that he was going to when he reached Ami's score. So Usagi said that she would bring Ami to him later, and ran off.

Zoisite saw that Urawa had the Rainbow Crystal. Usagi was waiting at the cram school for Ami. Luna tried to tell Usagi something. But Ami came out, and Usagi went to drag Ami away.

When Urawa was walking home, Zoisite was waiting for him. Urawa knew that it was Zoisite. Zoisite got upset that Urawa knew his name. When he asked how he knew, Urawa said that he had some future predicting powers ever since he was little. He said that he discovered the truth about his other self (youma). When Zoisite told him to turn into a youma, Urawa said that he would rather die, and went to attack Zoisite. But Zoisite blasted him. Then Zoisite started to use the Black Crystal to get the Rainbow Crystal from Urawa's body. Just then Ami and Usagi appeared. They saw Zoisite attacking Urawa. Usagi and Ami transformed.

Zoisite stopped using his Black Crystal. Sailor Mercury helped Urawa and escaped. Sailor Moon faced Zoisite, but Zoisite vanished. Sailor Mercury took Urawa to a park and set him down on a bench. Urawa called her "Mizuno-san". Sailor Mercury wondered why Urawa knew about her identity.

Sailor Moon went after Sailor Mercury. But she couldn't find her. Luna told Sailor Moon that she should use the Moon Stick. Sailor Moon said that that would mean that Urawa was a youma with the Rainbow Crystal. Luna said that he was, and told Usagi to hurry. Sailor Moon wasn't sure if Luna was right about Urawa.

Urawa was seeing a flash of the future when he (as the youma Bunbo) would be attacking Sailor Mercury. The youma tried to chop up Sailor Mercury with its scissor hands. Sailor Mercury found a picture of Ami in Urawa's pocket.

When Urawa woke up, he called Sailor Mercury “Mizuno-san”. Urawa told Sailor Mercury that he had the powers to see the future. Sailor Mercury tried to pretend that she was not Ami. Then Urawa told Sailor Mercury to kill him if he turned into a youma. But Sailor Mercury said, "A future is something that you make yourself. You have to believe in it."

Zoisite appeared and turned Urawa into a youma. The youma was facing Sailor Mercury. But he remembered the words that Sailor Mercury had said, and attacked Zoisite. The Rainbow Crystal fell from Zoisite's grasp and fell into Sailor Mercury's hands. Zoisite figured that the youma still had some human feelings left. So he used his power to turn the youma into a bigger youma. Then Sailor Moon appeared. She said, "You shouldn't turn a boy's feelings around!"

The youma was running after Sailor Mercury. Sailor Moon tried to use her moon stick to turn the youma back into Urawa. But it didn't work. Luna said that the youma had too much power. The youma was now chasing Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon.

The youma attacked and got Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury trapped. Then the youma attacked again. Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter appeared in time to stop the youma's weapons with the "fire soul" and "supreme thunder" attacks. Then Sailor Mercury used the "Sabão Spray" attack to freeze the youma. Sailor Moon used her "Moon Tiara Action", and the youma's power was reduced. Then Sailor Moon used her "Moon Healing Escalation" with the Moon Stick, and Urawa returned to his normal self. Tuxedo Mask was watching. He just left after the battle ended.

Later Urawa had to go away to transfer to another school again, because of his father's work. Usagi, Ami, and Makoto went to the train station to see him off. Urawa returned the picture that Usagi had given him. He said, "I'll come back for it when I pass you with my own powers."

Then Ami gave Urawa another picture. She said, "I like this one better." After the train left, Ami said to herself, "Don't worry about the scores and come any time, Ryo-kun." The picture Ami gave was a cute one of her smiling.


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