Liza Willert
230px-Liza Willert
Full Name

Elizabeth Margot Schreiter Castañón


December 31, 1939

Died on

July 10, 2009




Gaby Willer (daughter)


Actress (TV, movies and theater, voice actress and dubbing director

SM Roles

Mexican dub:
Señora Badinayu

Liza Willert was a Mexican actress and voice actress who worked in the Mexican dub of Sailor Moon, playing Kaolinite and Queen Badiane. She also voiced Chibiusa's teacher in episode 81, Mizugeiko, Miharu Akiyama's mother (By coincidence, Miharu's role was performed by her daughter, Gaby Willer), Princess Rubina and Akane Gushiken/Sailor Director.[1]

Originally an actress, she started her career performing in several Mexican soap operas and movies, earning recognition in that field. As a voice actress, she had been working since 1960 in different movies. A few of her most well-known roles are Dexter's mom in Dexter's Laboratory (Her daughter voiced Dee Dee in 4 episodes), Mom in Cow and Chicken and Norma Arnold in The Wonder Years.[2].

She died of cancer on 2009.


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