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This is a list of different names that the Sailor Moon characters have had in different translations of the anime or manga.


Original Name(s) Brazilian Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino Serena Tsukino
Ami Mizuno Amy Mizuno
Rei Hino Raye Hino
Makoto Kino Lita Kino
Minako Aino Mina AIno
Chibiusa Tsukino Serena Tsukino
Haruka Tenou Haruka Tenou
Michiru Kaiou Michiru Kaiou
Setsuna Meiou Setsuna Meiou
Hotaru Tomoe Hotaru Tomoe
Mamoru Chiba Darien


Original Name Cantonese Name(s) Romanized Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino 月野兔 Yuè Yětù
Ami Mizuno 水野亞美 Sui Ye A Mei
Rei Hino 火野麗 Foh Ye Lai
Makoto Kino 木野真琴 Muk Ye Jan Kam
Minako Aino 愛野美奈子 Oi Ye Mei Noi Ji
Chibiusa Tsukino 豆釘兔 Dòu Dīng Tù
Haruka Tenou 天王遙 Tin Wong Yiu
Michiru Kaiou 海王美智留 Hoi Wong Mei Ji Lau
Setsuna Meiou 冥王雪奈 Ming Wong Suet Noi
Hotaru Tomoe 土萌螢 To Mang Ying


  • Usagi's Cantonese name means "March Hare."
    • Also, Chibiusa's Cantonese name can translate to "Beans Nail Hare."  




Original Name(s) Croatian Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino




Mamoru Chiba






Main article: List of English dubbed names for Sailor Moon characters

Original Name English Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino Serena Tsukino

Usagi Tsukino

Ami Mizuno Amy Mizuno
Amy Anderson**
Rei Hino Raye Hino
Makoto Kino Lita Kino
Minako Aino Mina Aino
Mamoru Chiba Darien Shields
Tuxedo Mask The Masked Tuxedo^^
Chibiusa Tsukino Rini Tsukino
Chibiusa Tsukino*****
Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Mini Moon
Setsuna Meiou Trista Meioh
Setsuna Meiô******
Haruka Tenou Amara Tenoh
Haruka Tenou***
Alex Haruka****
Haruka Ten'ô******
Michiru Kaiou Michelle Kaioh
Michiru Kaiou***
Michiru Kaiô******
Hotaru Tomoe Hotaru Tomoe****
Naru Osaka Molly Baker
Umino Gurio


Melvin Gurio^^^^^

Shingo Tsukino Sammy Tsukino
Motoki Furuhata Andrew Hansford
Andrew Foreman^^^
Andy Kaidson^^^^
Andrew Furuhata^^^^^
Unazuki Furuhata Elizabeth Hansford
Jadeite Jedite
Nephrite Neflite
Maxfield Stanton
Zoisite Zoicite
Kunzite Malachite
Prince Demande Prince Diamond
Saphir Sapphire
Emerald Esmeraude
Koan Catzy
Berthier Bertie
Petz Prizma
Calaveras Avery*
Chiral Doom
Achiral Gloom
Lyrica Hubert Lilica Hubert******

"*" - Name in Mixx's English translation of the manga
"**" - In an episode of the English dubbed anime, Amy was answering a phone call and said "Anderson residence." This was an error and the surname never appears again.
"***" - Errors in the Mixx manga translation: The Outer Scouts were called by their original names when they had first appeared. Mixx then quickly changed them back after they said that they have made a mistake.
"****" - Errors in the Mixx manga translation: Amara and Hotaru were accidently addressed by these names in one chapter.
"*****" - Error in the Mixx manga translation: In Chibi Chibi's first scene, Rini was incorrectly referred to by her original name.
"******" - Name in Kodansha's English translation of the manga.
"*******" - The names given to the civilian identities of the Outer Senshi which were listed on the boxes for the Outer Senshi dolls that Irwin had sold before Sailor Moon S had aired in the United States.
"^" - This was the name that Usagi was given on Kodansha's website before the English dub was released.
"^^" - The names given to the Inner Senshi and Tuxedo Mask in DiC's promotional trailer for the English dub of the anime.
"^^^" - Name in novelizations.
"^^^^" - Name in Mixx's translation of Sailor Venus's Sailor Senshi Guide.
"^^^^^" - Name in the Sailor Moon Collectible Card Game.


  • "Serena" is probably a play on the word Selene, which is the name of a moon goddess in Greek mythology who fell in love with a shepherd named Endymion. It also derives from the name of the series' moon princess, which is alternately either "Selenity" (from Selene) or "Serenity" (from the Sea of Serenity on the moon). Serena is also the feminine singular of the Latin word "Serēnus", which means "Serene".
  • "Lita" is a pun on the word, lightning, one of the elements that Sailor Jupiter is known to fight with. However, it should be noted that it means "trust" or "to rely on" in Swedish when put together with the word "på". This may or may not have been intended.
  • "Trista" means "sad" in Esperanto and Ido. Similarly, "Setsuna" (Sailor Pluto's civilian name in the original Japanese version of the anime) can sound like the word "setsunai", which means "painful" in Japanese.


Original Name French Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino Bunny Rivière
Bunny Tsukino*
Ami Mizuno Molly
Amy Mizuno*
Sailor Mercury Sailor Mercure
Rei Hino Raya Hino
Makoto Kino Marcy Maurane
Mako Kino*
Minako Aino Mathilda
Amélie Morin**
Minako Aïno*
Sailor Venus Sailor Vénus
Mamoru Chiba Bourdu
Manoru Chiba*
Tuxedo Mask L'Homme Masqué
Tuxedo Masqué*
Chibiusa Tsukino Camille
Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Mini-Moon*
Setsuna Meiou Sylvana
Séverine Meio*
Sailor Pluto Sailor Pluton
Haruka Tenou Frédérique
Frédéric Tenno*
Michiru Kaiou Mylène
Mylène Kaio*
Hotaru Tomoe Olivia Williams
Olivia Tomoe*
Sailor Saturn Sailor Saturne

"*" - Name in the French translation of the manga.
"**" - Minako was addressed by this name in some episodes of the French dubbed anime. This is actually the name of her French voice actress.



Original German Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino Bunny
Sailor Neptune Sailor Neptun
Queen Beryl Perilia
Jadeite Jedyte
Nephrite Neflite
Wiseman Der Erleuchtete (Phantom der Macht)
Sailor Mercury Sailor Merkur
Ail Ale
Koan Kermesite
Berthier Berthierite
Calaveras Calaverite
Petz Petzite
Prince Demande Prinz Diamond
Eudial Eugeal
Tellu Telulu
Viluy Byruit
Ptilol Petirol
CereCere SeleSele
Fish Eye Fischauge
Tiger's Eye Tigerauge
Hawk's Eye Falkenauge




Original Name(s)

Italian Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino Bunny
Ami Mizuno Amy
Rei Hino Rea
Makoto Kino Morea
Minako Aino Marta
Chibiusa Tsukino Chibiusa*
Haruka Tenou Heles
Michiru Kaiou / Sailor Neptune Milena / Sailor Neptuno
Setsuna Meiou Sidia
Hotaru Tomoe Ottavia
Mamoru Chiba Marzio
Tuxedo Kamen Milord

"*" - Pronounced as "Kibiùsa" instead of "Cibiùsa"; the same is for "ChibiChibi".


Original Name Korean Name(s) Romanized Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino 세라 Sera
Ami Mizuno 유리 Yurie
Rei Hino 비키 Biki
Makoto Kino 리타 Rita
Minako Aino 미나 Mina
Mamoru Chiba 레온 Leon
Chibiusa Tsukino 꼬마세라
콤아 세라
Little Sera
Khoma Sera*
Setsuna Meiou 이사벨
Haruka Tenou 테리
Michiru Kaiou 모니카
Hotaru Tomoe 코코

"*" - Name in the Korean translation of the manga.


  • "Sera" could be a possible pun on the word "Sailor."
    • Also, the word "sera" means "evening" in Italian, Romansch, and Sardinian. This could have been a coincidence, though. 
  • "Rita" is similar to "Lita", the name Makoto had in the English dub. Again, this may be a coincidence.
  • Another coincidence that has to do with the English dub is the fact that Minako's name here is the same name she uses in the English dub.


Mandarian (Taiwan)

Mandarian (China)



Original  Portuguese Name(s) English Translation
Usagi Tsukino Bunny Tsukino or Berta Tsukino

(no translation needed)

Sailor Moon Navegante da Lua Navigator of The Moon
Ami Mizuno Ami Miranda

(no translation needed)

Sailor Mercury Navegante de Mercúrio Navigator of Mercury
Rei Hino Rita Hino

(no translation needed)


Spanish (Latin America)

Original Name Latin American Name
Usagi Tsukino Serena Tsukino
Princess Serenity Princesa Serena
Neo Queen Serenity Neo Reina Serena
Ikuko Tsukino Mamá Ikuko
Shingo Tsukino Sammy Tsukino
Gurio Umino Kelvin Taylor / Kevin Taylor
Naru Osaka Molly Osaka
Motoki Furuhata Andrew Furuhata
Ami Mizuno Amy Mizuno
Rei Hino Rei Hino
Yuuichirou Kumada Nicholas Kumuda
Makoto Kino Lita Kino
Minako Aino Mina Aino
Mamoru Chiba Darien Chiba
Prince Endymion Príncipe Endymion
King Endymion Rey Endymion
Haruka Tenou Haruka Tenou
Michiru Kaiou Michiru Kaiou
Setsuna Meiou Setsuna Meiou
Hotaru Tomoe Hotaru Tomoe
Unazuki Furuhata Unazuki Furuhata
Luna Luna
Artemis Artemis(1)
Diana Diana

(1) The correct Spanish name for Artemis would be "Artemisa", but they apparently decided to leave it intact so it doesn't sound feminine.

Spanish (Spain)





Original Name Swedish Name(s)
Usagi Tsukino Annie Tsukino
Ami Mizuno Ami Mizuno
Rei Hino Rai Hino
Makoto Kino Mako Kino
Minako Aino Arianne Aino
Sailor V Sailor Fem (Sailor Five)
Chibiusa Chibiusa



Mamoru Chiba Mamoru Jiba
Queen Beryl Drottning Morga (Queen Morga)
Kunzite Lord Kunta
Nephrite Neflite
Jadeite Jedyte
Queen Metaria Drottning Metalia (Queen Metalia)
Ali Ale

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