The following is a list of all deaths that took place in the Sailor Moon manga.

Sailor Moon (Dark Kingdom Arc)

  1. Unnamed Youma: Destroyed by Moon Frisbee.
  2. Unnamed Youma: Destroyed by Moon Frisbee.
  3. Jadeite: Incinerated by Sailor Mars.
  4. Nephrite's Shadow: Destroyed by Moon Twilight Flash.
  5. Nephrite: Eletrocuted by Sailor Jupiter.
  6. Zoisite: Sliced to pieces by Sailor V's Crescent Boomerang.
  7. Kunzite: Destroyed by Sailor Planet Attack.
  8. Queen Beryl: Impaled with the Legendary Sword from Sailor Venus.
  9. Sailor Venus, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter: Gave up their lives to give power to Sailor Moon. Later revived after the final battle against Metalia.
  10. Queen Metalia: Destroyed by Sailor Moon using the Silver Crystal in conjunction with the Moon Stick.

Black Moon Arc

  1. Koan: Destroyed by Sailor Moon using Moon Princess Halation.
  2. Berthier: Destroyed by Moon Princess Halation.
  3. Petz: Destroyed by Moon Princess Halation.
  4. Calaveras: Destroyed by Moon Princess Halation.
  5. Chiral and Achiral: Destoyed by Venus Love-Me Chain and Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber.
  6. Esmeraude: Destroyed by Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber.
  7. Aquatici and Veneti: Destroyed by Sailor Moon's power.
  8. Rubeus: Killed by Wiseman.
  9. Saphir: Killed by Demande.
  10. Sailor Pluto: Died after using Time Stop. Later reincarnated as Setsuna Meiou.
  11. Demande: Killed by Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask via the Cutie Moon Rod.
  12. Wiseman/Death Phantom: Destroyed by the combined powers of Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon through their individual Cutie Moon Rods and supported by Tuxedo Mask.

Infinity Arc

  1. Daimon: Destroyed by Sailor Jupiter and Venus, reverting to a Mugen student.
  2. Daimon: Destroyed by Sailor Moon using Moon Spiral Heart Attack and reverted to a cat.
  3. Eudial: Killed by Sailor Moon using Moon Spiral Heart Attack.
  4. Daimon: Destroyed by Sailor Moon' Moon Spiral Heart Attack and Sailor Neptune's Deep Submerge.
  5. Mimete: Killed by Sailor Uranus's World Shaking.
  6. Viluy: Cut in half by Sailor Uranus's Space Sword.
  7. Tellu: Killed by Dead Scream from Sailor Pluto.
  8. Cyprine and Ptilol: Killed by Super Sailor Moon from Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.
  9. Witches 5: Destroy for good by Sailor Pluto's Chronos Typhoon and Sailor Neptune's Submarine Reflection.
  10. Kaorinite: Killed by Rainbow Moon Heart Ache.
  11. Souichi Tomoe/Germatoid: Killed by Sailor Moon Rainbow Moon Heart Ache and Sailor Uranus Space Sword Blaster.
  12. Pharaoh 90 and Mistress 9: Merged and then were mortally wounded by Sailor Saturn and Sailor Moon before being banished back to the Tau Nebula to perish.
  13. Sailor Saturn: Used powers to defeat Pharaoh 90. Revived as a young infant immediately by Sailor Moon.

Dream Arc

  1. Fish Eye: Killed by Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.
  2. Tiger's Eye: Killed by Mars Flame Sniper.
  3. Hawk's Eye: Killed by Jupiter Oak Evolution.
  4. Xenotime and Zeolite: Killed by Venus Love and Beauty Shock.
  5. Queen Nehellenia/Zirconia: Cursed into a hag form and sealed away forever.

Stars Arc

  1. Mamoru: Killed by Sailor Galaxia
  2. Sailor Iron Mouse: Destroyed by Sailor Star Healer's Star Sensitive Inferno.
  3. Sailor Mercury and Sailor Jupiter: Killed by Sailor Aluminum Seiren.
  4. Sailor Aluminum Seiren: Destroyed by Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Star Maker with Star Serious Laser and Star Gentle Uterus.
  5. Phobos and Deimos: Killed by Sailor Lead Crow.
  6. Sailor Lead Crow: Destroyed by Sailor Moon.
  7. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus: Killed by Sailor Galaxia.
  8. The Outer Senshi: Killed by Sailor Galaxia.
  9. Luna, Artemis and Diana: Killed by Sailor Lethe.
  10. Sailor Lethe and Sailor Mnemosyne: Killed by Sailor Phi and Chi.
  11. Sailor Starlights: Killed by Sailor Phi and Chi.
  12. Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion: Destroyed by Sailor Quartet.
  13. Sailor Kakyuu: Killed by Sailor Chi.
  14. Sailor Phi and Sailor Chi: Destroyed by Sailor Moon.
  15. Sailor Galaxia: Destroyed her own bracelets, ending her life.
  16. Chaos: Dissolved into the Galaxy Cauldron by Sailor Moon (will return in the future).

Note: Later all Solar System Sailor Senshi were shown revived at the end of the arc. It is unknown if the Sailor Starlights and Kakyuu were reborn.

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