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This is a list of any collaborations and campaigns that involve the Sailor Moon series.

Karatetsu Collaboration

In early September 2013, as part of promotion for "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - La Reconquista", it was announced on Karatetsu's website that Karatetsu, a karaoke box chain, would add some Sera Myu songs to their list of songs to sing. This collaboration took place on September 10th and it ended on the 13th. The event also took place at three of their stores. The songs were:

Number Song Title Number Song Title
341982 I Miss You 339991 Double Moonlight Romance
237439 Innocent Demand 364919 Chasin' After You (Re-Mix)
485454 We'll Be The Last Victory 342054 The Birth of a Legend
164661 Everlasting Moonlight 237640 To a Brand-New World
453688 All Of You Shall Die 164668 We Can't Be Soldiers of Love Forever (21st Century Version)
478772 The Female Pirate's Strategy 164671 Traditional the Grace ~Storm of Love~
321516 Sanctuary of the Galaxy 164672 Drive Me The Mercury
368857 Rise Up! The Rebel Clan 418089 Dream - Dreams are Huge
378779 Bundle the Heart, Makin' For the Right 201868 Harsh! Saint Cry!!
372808 Unite the Hearts - Watchin' on the sight 523010 By Heaven! Only God Knows
164662 The Last Change (21st Century Version) 164674 FIRE
401780 Pure Narcissism 308178 Forbidden Hades
164665 Zigzag Slash 458008 Broken MÖBIUS
164667 Sailor War 2001 164679 Messenger of Flame
231389 Solar Miracle, Make Up 198728 Moment Fatal
376043 La Soldier
Collab Picture LR K
A poster about the collaboration.
Karaoke Drink Menu
Sailor Moon themed menu.

Sailor Moon x keisuke kanda Collaboration

Keisuke SM Collab

Poster for the collaboration

As part of the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary celebration, a collaboration between the Sailor Moon franchise and the keisuke kanda fashion brand took place at the Shinjuku Isetan Department Store starting from September 11th and ending on September 24th. Products included bags, paper aprons, and socks. All of the products were designed by the keisuke kanda brand and sold by Bandai. The venue included an exhbit for the products and also showed other Sailor Moon products that were not designed by the keisuke kanda brand, such as the S.H Figuarts Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury action figures, the brooch rings, eyeliners, and some of the Key Time necklaces.[1]

Pillow Bag

More SM Bags
The front and back of the bag.

Paper Aprons

The paper aprons were based off of the Sailor Team's sailor fukus, specifically their fukus in the first season of the anime. Each apron measured 45x36cm, while the straps were 58cm. The retail price for each apron was 1575yen.

Sailor Moon Aprons
All five of the aprons.
Apron Display


SM Socks
Socks in box and on mannequin
One of the socks on a mannequin

Sailor Moon x Shimamura "Style Up Collection"

Style Up Collection

Peach John Collaboration

Costume Bra Set

Wave 1

Costume Bra Set

Wave 2



SM Panties

Patterned Set

SM Patterned Set



Groove INC. Collaboration

A collaboration between Groove INC. and Sailor Moon was announced on February 4, 2014. The collaboration will involve the creation of a Sailor Moon "Pullip" doll.[2] Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, and Princess Serenity dolls will be created as well.
Pullip Prototype
The prototype of the Sailor Moon doll, as seen at the International Gift Show Spring 2014 event.

Isetan and Sailor Moon Collaboration

On March 15, 2014, it was announced that the Sailor Moon franchise will be collaborating with three fashion brands for new items that will be sold for a limited time at Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 2F.[3]
SM and Isetan Collab Poster
Poster for the collaboration.
Isetan part 1
Isetan Part 2
Isetan Part 3
Isetan Part 4

Riccimie New York

Riccimie New York is announced to be participating in the collaboration. The brand will release a couture dress based off of Princess Serenity's dress.

Honey Bunch

Secret Honey by Honey Bunch

Sailor Moon x Spinns

Sailor Moon x Spinns Collab
SM x Spinns Preview
Preview of the collaboration items

Prices on the items

  • Parka - ¥ 3,999
  • Skirt - ¥ 3,999
  • T shirt dress - ¥ 3,599
  • Big Face T-shirt - ¥ 3,299
  • Ticket pass case - ¥ 2,052
  • Tote bag - ¥ 1,620
  • Number logo dress - ¥ 4,599
  • Off shoulder - ¥ 3,599
  • Backpack - ¥ 4,903
  • Choker - ¥ 2,052
  • Pouch - ¥ 2,678

Sailor Moon x Honey Salon

Announced on April 21, 2014, Premium Bandai announced a collaboration between Sailor Moon and Honey Salon, creating accessories. They are scheduled for release in September 2014.

The small pouch comes in three colors, and will be selling for 2,376円 each. The large pouch also comes in three colors, and will be selling for 3,132円 each.

SM x Honey Salon 1

The mirrors come in three colors, and will be selling for 2,376円 each.

SM x Honey Salon 2

The heart-shaped tissue pouch comes in three colors, and will be selling for 3,456円 each.

SM x Honey Salon 3

The tights comes in one size, and will be selling for 5,940円.

SM x Honey Salon 4

The tote bag will be selling for 3,240円.

SM x Honey Salon 5

Sailor Moon x ITS'DEMO

Sailor Moon x ItsDemo

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal x Ellis

On October 7, 2014, the twitter account for the 20th anniversary celebration of the Sailor Moon series announced that Ellis will have a collaboration with Sailor Moon. Unlike other collaborations involving Sailor Moon, this collaboration will involve putting the Sailor Senshi on packages of Ellis Ultra Guard menstural pads, with the pads wrapped in a wrapper with a Sailor Senshi's color and planetary symbol. The pads will be sold for a limited time and they will begin selling in supermarkets and drug stores on November 1st.[4]

Sailor Moon Menustration Pads

Family Mart Campaign

Koikeya Collaboration

On November 11, 2014, it was announced that a collaboration between Koikeya and the Sailor Moon Crystal anime will take place. This collaboration, which begins on December 8th, will involve putting the Inner Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask on bags of tortilla chips. There will also be a campaign to download six different smartphone backgrounds with the Inner Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask in checkered uniforms.[5]

A poster with the Senshi eating tortilla chips
Koikeya Collab 1
The bags with the senshi and Tuxedo Mask on them.
Koikeya Collab 2


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