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This is a list of Electronic-related merchandise from the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary celebration.

Phone Cases

Wave 1

Availible on Available for the iPhone 5, iPhone4, iPhone4S, Galaxy SIII, and the Galaxy S4.

Promotional Image
Harajuku Pop.
Protecting the City.
The Five Inner Sailor Senshi. Also known as "Character Jacket for Smartphone".
Classic Sailor Moon.
Jumping into Action.
Modern Minimalist.
Princess Serenity.
Luna and Artemis.
Comic Book Style.

Wave 2

More phone cases were announced on October 11, as well as cases for the iPad.

New iPhone and iPad mini cases

Ribbon Jackets

Ribbon iPhone Cases

Silicone Jacket

Announced June 2014, these phone cases will be released in September 2014. They are for the iPhone 5 and 5s. Each one will be selling for ¥3,686.

Sailor Sisters Silicon Jacket Collection

Stained Glass

Announced June 2014, these phone cases will be released in September 2014. They are for the iPhone 5 and 5s. Each one will be selling for ¥2,000.

Sailor Sisters Stained Glass Phone Cases

Smartphone Makeup Seals

Smartphone Makeup Seals

Wave 2

Announced on March 26, 2014, these smartphone makeup seals come in two different styled sets and will be selling for 580 yen each.

SM Prism Stickers-Smartphone Seals
Seals on the right


Announced November 14th. There will be one kind of earphone, which has a design of Sailor Moon's Crystal Star brooch on both sides, the earphones are alligable to work on iPod, iPhone, and all sorts of devices. The earphones cost 1,886yen.


Mobile Charger

Announced November 14th. There will be a kind of charger for moblies, and it has a design of purple, and has feautures, Luna, and Artemis on the front and the logo saying "Sailor Moon". The charger comes wish a micro USB plug, and needs four AA alkaline batteries, which are included with the charger. The charger costs 1,580yen.


Earphone Jacks

First Wave

Announced November 18th, Premium Bandai has announced for earphone jacks in the shape of Sailor Moon's Moon Stick, and the Inner Senshi's transformation sticks. These earphone jacks could go on iPod's, iPhone's, etc. Each box with the earphone jacks is 3,990 yen.

SM Ear Phone Jacks
Official Poster
EarPhone Jack Gallery
All the jacks
Close up
Close-up of all the earphone jacks.
Jacks in use
Earphone jacks in use
The Box containing the jacks.

Charm Charapin

Announced in January.

More Earjacks

Announced June 2014.

Charm Charapin 2

Phone Straps

Wave 1

Wave 2

Smart Pho Totes

SM Phone Tote

Alumi Button Seals

Alumi Button Seals

USB AC Chargers

Announced on April 7, these chargers can be plugged in to a 100AV outlet. They are palm-sized and convenient for traveling. They will be sold in merchandise stores starting in June 2014.

SM USB AC Chargers

Phone Straps

Preorders for official phone straps were availiable in August 2013.
SML Phone strap
Sailor Moon and Luna phone straps.
SCMLP Phone Strap
Sailor Chibi Moon and Luna-P phone straps.
Phone accesories
Phone Straps Sm


Wave 1

Wave 2

SM Sensai 2

Deco Meta

SM Deco Meta 2

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