Pop Art T-Shirts

Pop Art Tee Poster
A poster for the pop art t-shirts.
SM Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Moon Pop Art Shirt.
Sailor Mercury Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Mercury Pop Art Shirt.
Sailor Mars Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Mars Pop Art Shirt.
Sailor Jupiter Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Jupiter Pop Art Shirt.
Sailor Venus Pop Art Shirt
Sailor Venus Pop Art Shirt.
SM Pop Art Shirt 1
A pop art shirt with Sailor Moon on it.
SM Pop Art Shirt 2
The same shirt in different colors.

A set for the Outer Senshi was revealed on April 29, 2014. They are scheduled to be released June 2014, and will be selling for 3,240 yen each.

Outer Senshi T-Shirts
The shirts

Relaxing Wear Set(s)

Announced on July 11, 2014, Bandai will be selling "relaxing wear" sets. There are three available, and each are selling for ¥1,834 each (tax included). Reservations began the same day they were announced.[1]

SM Relaxing Clothing 1
SM Relaxing Clothing 2
SM Relaxing Clothing 3

Whole Pattern T-Shirt


Henshin! Sailor Moon Costume

SM Narikiri Costumes


  1. 美少女戦士セーラームーン リラクシングウェア - Sailor Moon Official

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