The following is a list of deaths that occurred in the second anime Sailor Moon Crystal.

1st Season: Dark Kingdom arc Edit

2nd Season: Black Moon arcEdit

  • Random man: Killed by Koan
  • Nun: Immulated by Koan
  • Koan: Killed by Moon Princess Halation
  • Berthier: Killed by Moon Princess Halation
  • Petz: Killed by Moon Princess Halation
  • Calaveras: Killed by Moon Princess Halation
  • Boule Brothers: Killed by Venus Love-Me Chain and Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber
  • Esmeraude: Killed by Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber
  • Aquatici and Veneti: Destroyed by Sailor Moon's unleashed power
  • Rubeus: Killed by Wiseman
  • Saphir: Killed by Prince Demande
  • Sailor Pluto: Died after performing the forbidden taboo, Time Stop.(Revived in the present-day Tokyo by Neo Queen Serenity)
  • Prince Demande: Killed by Wiseman
  • Wiseman: Killed by the combined power of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon's Cutie Moon Rods.

3rd season: Death Busters arcEdit

  • Daimon: Destroyed by Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus, and the student possessed by it was unharmed.
  • Feline Daimon: Destroyed by Moon Spiral Heart Attack, freeing the cat possessed by it.
  • Eudial: Killed by Moon Spiral Heart Attack
  • Daimons: Destroyed by Moon Spiral Heart Attack; reverted back to students
  • Mimete: Killed by World Shaking
  • Daimons: Destroyed by Space Sword Blaster
  • Viluy: Killed by Space Sword Blaster
  • Tellu: Killed by Dead Scream
  • Cyprine and Ptilol: Killed by Rainbow Moon Heartache
  • Revived Witches 5: Killed by Submarine Reflection
  • Kaolinite: Killed by Rainbow Moon Heartache
  • Souichi Tomoe: Killed by Rainbow Moon Heartache
  • Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90: Merged and then were mortally wounded by Sailor Saturn and Sailor Moon, then banished back to the Tau Star System to die.
  • Sailor Saturn: Perished sending herself and Pharaoh 90 to the Tau Star System; Reborn as an infant by Sailor Moon.