Kinmoku Fusion Tempest
Keika Hyakkaryōran
Kinmoku Fyūjiyon Tenpesuto
Flower Spin

Sailor Kakyuu

First Appearance

Act 57 - Stars 8

Kinmoku Fusion Tempest is an attack used by Sailor Kakyu in the manga and by Princess Kakyuu in the musicals.

Manga Series

In the manga, it was similar to Sailor Jupiter's Flower Hurricane, in that it was a flurry of flowers (in this case, of Osmanthus olive blossoms) which did not harm the target but was used defensively. It only appeared in Act 57, where Sailor Kakyuu used it to block Sailor Phi's attack, Galactica Plants Blizzard.

Sera Myu

In the musicals, this attack only appeared in "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ The Advent of Princess Kakyuu - The Second Stage Final," where it was used as an offensive attack by Princess Kakyuu against Sailor Galaxia.


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