Kikuko Inoue
井上 喜久子
Inoue Kikuko
Kikuko Inoue
Full Name

Kikuko Inoue (井之上喜久子, maiden name)
Kikuko Kumatani (熊谷喜久子, married name)


September 25, 1964



BirthplaceYokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Husband (m. May 1996)[1]


"Hocchan" (daughter, b. February 1998)


Voice actress, narrator, singer, songwriter

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Sailor Aluminum Seiren/Reiko Aya
Princess Rubina

Kikuko Inoue is a Japanese voice actress who voiced Sailor Aluminum Seiren in the anime.

Other roles of hers include Belldandy in "Oh My Goddess", Sanae Furukawa in "Clannad", Reika Ayanokouji in "Battle Skipper", Lust in "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood", and Kasumi Tendo in "Ranma 1/2".[2]

Kikuko has also released a few singles, several albums, and has done many talks, collaborations, and radio programs. She is also part of a music unit with Mari Maruta and Junko Ogasawara called "Wild Strawberry".


  • Kikuko has earned the nickname Onee-chan (お姉ちゃん) due to the fact that she mostly voices "older sister", "motherly" or "perfect girlfriend"-type characters.
  • Kikuko (jokingly) believes that she was an Ocean sunfish in her previous life. Therefore, she uses a fish symbol as her trademark.
  • There is a joke where she always says she is 17 years old, or 17 years and XXXXX days old, even though she was born 1964.
  • Her blood type is O.
  • Her height is 164cm or around 5'4" to 5'5".[3]


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