Katsumi Tamegai
Tamegai Katsumi
Anime episodes

Episode 43
Episode 50
Episode 59
Episode 66
Episode 72
Episode 74
Episode 79
Episode 84
Episode 91
Episode 97
Episode 106
Episode 115
Episode 120
Episode 128
Episode 134
Episode 142
Episode 149
Episode 156
Episode 167
Episode 180
Episode 185
Episode 190
Episode 200

Katsumi Tamegai was an animation director who directed episodes in all five seasons of the first anime series.

Katsumi has also worked on other magical girl series, such as Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, the Pretty Cure, and Cutie Honey Flash, and also with a few other series. He is currently affiliated with Toei Animation.[1]


  1. 爲我井克美 - Wikipedia

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