Kaorinite (anime)
Death busters kaolinite

Death Busters

Resides in

The Tomoe Mansion, Tokyo, Japan


Caretaker of the Tomoe household
Secretary of Professor Tomoe




Professor Souichi Tomoe, Hotaru Tomoe





First Appearance

Usagi and the Girls' Resolve! Prelude to a New Battle (cameo)
Premonition of World's End? Mysterious New Warriors


Noriko Uemura (Japanese anime)
Kirsten Bishop (Cloverway English dub)
Tara Platt (Viz English Dub)

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Kaorinite is the caretaker of the Tomoe household, Professor Tomoe's secretary, as well as the first of the Death Busters to look for Pure Hearts. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.



Kaolinite retains the same appearance that she had in the manga.

In the anime, Kaolinite has long red hair, grey eyes, and very pale skin. She is often seen wearing a red v-neck dress. Also, she would sometimes wear a lab coat.


Sailor Moon S

Kaorinite dies 1

Kaolinite frozen in crystal

For the first twelve episodes of Sailor Moon S, she sent Professor Tomoe's Daimon pods and turned them into Daimons to extract Pure Hearts, seeking out those she thought could possess Pure Heart Crystals. These plans were always foiled by the Sailor Senshi. Finally, her last monster, Senishenta, extracted Usagi's Pure Heart, and it seemed to be a talisman, but it was returned to her by Tuxedo Mask. After Senishenta froze Tuxedo Mask in a crystal, Kaolinite told Usagi, whom she discovered was Sailor Moon, to meet her at Tokyo Tower. At Tokyo Tower, Senishenta extracted Usagi's Pure Heart, but Sailor Uranus said it wasn't a talisman and returned it to her.

Sailor Venus disguised herself as Sailor Moon to convince Kaolinite that Usagi was not Sailor Moon. Kaolinite

Kaorinite feeling confused after seeing Sailor Venus as Sailor Moon

fought Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune while the other Sailor Senshi fought Senishenta. After Sailor Moon destroyed Senishenta, they inevitably fought Kaolinite, who used a culture fluid created by herself to absorb Senishenta's power, using a crystal sword and a beam of crystal shards that encase anything in glass. The Sailor Senshi used Sailor Planet Attack on her, but she survived with minor injuries. Just as she had them all at her mercy, Sailor Uranus ultimately decided to help them, and used World Shaking on her, hitting her directly and turning her crystal beam against her, encasing her in crystal. The attack also caused parts of the tower to collapse and send Kaolinite falling over the edge to her death.
Kaorinite dies 2

Mistress 9 kills Kaolinite

She was later revived by Professor Tomoe (though this is not explained until near the end), and became Hotaru's guardian. She did not seem to want to get back into heart snatching, but eventually decided to extract the purest heart she could find. She took Chibiusa over to the lab where Hotaru extracted her Pure Heart and transformed into Mistress 9. Mistress 9 struck Kaorinite with lightning, which also knocked her into the deadly electric force-field. Her body vanished after death, and Mistress 9 said that she had served her purpose.


She was capable of lengthening her dark red hair to entangle, choke or tie up her opponents. Other powers include teleportation, levitation, telekineses and supernatural abilities like great jump (she was see on multiples top and tree without efforts) and a certain agility.


  • The outfit Kaorinite wears when she searches for the talismans is the same one she wears in the manga when she is disguised as Kaori. She never wears it again after being revived, switching a more Gothic attire, which was her signature outfit in the manga.
  • After her return to life, Kaorinite appeared to have developed more-than-friendly feelings for Professor Tomoe.
  • She and Eudial seem to have similar appearances with the thematic colour of red.
    • She and Eudial are the only members of the Death Busters to have successfully performed the task they were given.
      • Eudial being able to find the bearers of the Talismans and extracting them, while Kaolinite obtains Chibiusa's pure heart to wake Mistress 9.


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