Kai Taschner
542px-Kai Taschner 3

25th August 1957



BirthplaceMunich, Bavaria, Germany

Actor, voice actor and dubbing director

SM Roles

German dub:
Jadeite (anime) and Falkenauge

Kai Taschner is a German actor, voice actor and dubbing director born on the 25th of August 1957 in Munich. He has played a number of roles in Pokemon and South Park as well as Kif in Futurama, Tony in The Cramp Twins, Eddie Brock/Venom in the 90's Spiderman cartoon, Zombie General Tararan in One Piece, the Jusenkyo guide in Ranma 1/2, Professor Frink in The Simpsons and Jadeite and Hawk's Eye in Sailor Moon.

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