Kae Araki
荒木 香恵
Araki Kae
Kae Araki
Full Name

Yoshie Abe (阿部 佳恵, Abe Yoshie)[1]


November 6, 1966



BirthplaceOsaka Prefecture, Japan

Voice actress

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon (episodes 44-50 only)
Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon

Kae Araki is a Japanese voice actress who voiced Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon as well as the temporary actress for Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon in episodes 44-50 (while Kotono Mitsuishi was having her appendix removed) in the first anime series.

Other roles of hers include Hikari Yagami in "Digimon Advetures", Miaka Yuuki in "Fushigi Yuugi", and Hilde Schbeiker in "Mobile Suit Gundam Wing".

Originally, Kae was affiliated with 81Produce starting August 2003 until May 2010 when she became freelance.[2]


  • Her blood type is B and her height is 4'11".[3]
  • The kanji for her real name can be read/romanized in different ways. It can be read as "Yoshie Abe," "Kae Abe," and "Kae Hara."
    • There has also been some confusion about her birthdate too. One source says it's November 16, 1966. Another source says it's November 6, 1963. Wikipedia also states that it's November 6, 1966.[4]
  • She acted as a "senpai" to Konami Yoshida in voice acting school, and they have maintained a close relationship ever since.


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