Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up
Jupitā Kurisutaru Pawā Meiku Appu


Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up! (Sailor Jupiter)

Transformation phrase for...

Super Sailor Jupiter

Items used

Jupiter Crystal (manga)
Crystal Change Rod (anime)

First Appearance

Act 42 Dream 4 - Jupiter Dream (manga)
Confrontation in Dreams! Minako and Makoto's Broken Friendship (anime)

Jupiter Crystal Power, Make Up was a transformation phrase used by Makoto Kino in the Sailor Moon anime and manga to transform into Super Sailor Jupiter.


This transformation was first used by Makoto Kino in Act 42 of the manga. She received the Jupiter Crystal from her Sailor Power Guardian, Guardian Jupiter, while under attack from the Hawk's Eye and the Amazoness Quartet. She also recieved her new attack Jupiter Oak Evolution along with it.

She later used this phrase to transform into Eternal Sailor Jupiter in the Stars arc of the manga.


While Makoto gained the Crystal Change Rod in episode 143, this transformation was not shown until episode 154. She recieved the upgrade from Pegasus.


The transformation would begin where the green crystal ball with the Jupiter symbol and a ring of oak leaves would appear. She would then hold up the "rod" part, and the crystal would attach itself to it. Her nails would turn green, and the symbol of Jupiter would spin. Makoto would then spin around as streams of green electricity emerged from the rod. Then, she would hold still, and the energy formed rings around her. In a flash, she was clothed in her Super Sailor fuku, and finished with her pose.

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