Isshin Chiba
千葉 一伸
Chiba Isshin
Isshin Chiba

June 26, 1968



BirthplaceKesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Voice actor

SM Roles

Japanese anime:

Isshin Chiba is a Japanese voice actor who voicied Kitakata in Sailor Moon SuperS.[1]

Isshin has had roles in anime series, video games, movies, drama CDs, tokusatsu, Japanese dubs, and other media. His notable roles include the roles of Jin Kazama in the Tekken game series, Dio Brando in the first JoJo's Bizarre Adventure video game, and Silver Knight in .hack//SIGN.[2]

He has also done dubbing, live-action, special effects, and other.


  • His blood type is O.
  • His height is 165cm or 5'4".
  • He loves baseball and sake, and is a fan of the Hanshin Tigers.
  • He hates dried fruits, such as raisins.


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