ITS'DEMO (イッツデモ) is a Japanese fashion company/brand. 

Sailor Moon and ITS'DEMO announced a collaboration on accessories. The items will be available for purchase in 50 ITS'DEMO stores in late July 2014. 

The current products announced include:

  1. Cosmetics pouch - ¥1,400
  2. Flat pouch - ¥1,200
  3. Tote bag - ¥2,400
  4. Kyukyu (smartphone pouch) - ¥1,300
  5. Acrylic mirror - ¥1,000
  6. Acrylic pass case - ¥1,500
  7. Compact mirror - ¥2,500


Sailor Moon x ItsDemo
The announcement poster
Sailor Moon x Itsdemo Items
The items for the collaboration

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