Hyang-Ri Kim
きむ ひゃんり[1]
Kimu Hyanri

May 26, 1990

BirthplaceOsaka, Japan

Voice actress

SM Roles

Second Japanese anime:

 Hyang-Ri Kim is a Korean voice actress who voices Yumiko in the second anime.

Her nationality is Korean, however born in Japan. She started voice acting by doing a role in Blood-C and eventually landed as one of the main characters in Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future as Shi Yoon. She is currently working with Aoni Production. [2]


  • Her blood type is O.
  • She is 168cm.
  • As she is born in Osaka, she speaks with a Kansai dialect.
  • Hyang-Ri Kim could be written both ways; "きむ ひゃんり" or "キム ヒャンリ".
    • One name comes from her official profile in Aoni Production, and the other one comes from her official blog.


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  2. Page in Japanese Wikipedia

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