Hotaru Tomoe (Crystal)
土萠 ほたる
Tomoe Hotaru
Hotaru Season III
Full Name

Hotaru Tomoe


Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo

Resides in

Tokyo, Japan


Student at Mugen Academy


Sailor Saturn (incarnation/deity)
Messiah of Silence (when possessed by Mistress 9)


As Sailor Saturn:
Guardian of Doom
Warrior of Ruin
Sailor Guardian of Death and Rebirth
Scout of Silence
As Mistress 9:
Messiah of Silence
Sovereign of Silence


Sailor Saturn


Chibiusa(best friend)
Sailor Senshi


January 6th ()


12 (original)
Newborn (upon being reborn)


147 cm or 4'10"





Blood Type



Souichi Tomoe(father)
Keiko Tomoe (mother, deceased)


Gothic clothing
Dim lighting


Hurting her closest friends and loved ones
Being teased and bullied

First Appearance

Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition (Part 1)(no lines)
Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition (Part 2)(Full)


Yukiyo Fujii

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Hotaru Tomoe is the only child and daughter of Professor Souichi Tomoe, and the look-alike reincarnation of Sailor Saturn. Much unlike her original counterpart, she is a major supporting character and appears in most episodes.

This is the second animated depiction of the character.


At her birth, the spirit/soul of the Guardian of Death and Destruction had lain dormant within her since then. At the young age of six, she was attacked by a mysterious force of cosmic origin and badly injured, which left her with several scars on her body and comatose. To save her young life, her father begged this extraterrestrial entity to save them both in return for letting it take possession of his own mind and body. At some point, her mother had died from unknown circumstances and left her the crystallized amulet she had always worn.

Season Three: Death Busters

Hotaru is first shown asleep in her room, dreaming about three shadowed figures that are carrying three mystical treasures until she awakens out of fright. Some time later, Hotaru had yet another seizure and was offered assistance by Chibiusa, which she refused; stating that she always had these attacks. Still in pain, she watched in shock when a Diamon appeared out of nowhere and began wrecking havoc and chaos around her. She was even more confused when she saw Usagi and Chibiusa use their unique broaches to transform into Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi-Moon. She later noticed a cut on Sailor Chibi Moon's elbow and utilized her unusually strong healing abilities to make it better. She then told Chibiusa to leave before the security guards came and introduced herself before leaving. In a dark hallway, Hotaru still felt weak and shaky when Kaolinite appeared, saying that these attacks were quite worrisome. She ignored her and tried to walk away, but was stopped by the appearance of her father. She warned Kaolinite not to suck up to her father as she did not like her coming into her family and ran off. In her room, her father then gave her a crystal amulet, that he said would make her feel better. Holding it to her chest, Hotaru suddenly noticed that she did indeed feel better and more secure. However, she expressed fear of how long her body would hold up.

Some nights later, she began noticing that the evil entity within her was growing in strength and that she could not suppress it any longer. She tried harder, but was quickly overwhelmed by the consciousness of Pharaoh 90's most faithful minion-Mistress 9. Hotaru's consciousness was revealed to be ensnared by vines. However, she was capable of partially suppressing Mistress 9 from using Chibiusa's Silver Crystal, but could not prevent her from swallowing it completely. Ensnared by thorny vines, her consciousness remained strong and tried to stop more power from increasing further. She led the Silver Crystal to Chibiusa's apparition and encouraged her new best friend to fight on and that she would always be there to protect her. She hugged Chibiusa, saying that she would definitely save her and the Silver Crystal from being destroyed. She later expressed sadness from learning of the destruction of her father whom she had loved so.

She remained obstinate and resolved to stop Mistress 9 from escaping her body and absorbing the spirits' of Chibiusa, and the four Inner Sailor Guardians. Aware that she was merely a disembodied spirit, she wondered as to why she continued to fight so strongly and that she sensed another, stronger self within her, who was saying that she must fight and protect those she cares about with all her heart. Knowing that she had strength left, she appeared at Mamoru's apartment and returned the spirit and the Silver Crystal to their rightful owner. Tears flooded her eyes, glad that her only real friend was safe again. She voiced how strange it was, as they were female, but sure that her meeting and befriending Chibiusa was destiny. As Mistress 9 began to grow even stronger, and as her consciousness began to fade away, she admitted how glad she was to have met Chibiusa and that she truly loved her.

Upon the departure of the fatally weakened and damaged Pharaoh 90, she was successfully reborn as an infant (with the spirit of Sailor Saturn lying dormant within her yet again), which was evident as the symbol of Saturn appeared on her forehead. She was picked up by Super Sailor Neptune, who vowed that she, Super Sailor Uranus and Super Sailor Pluto would raise her from then on; being all alone in the world.


Hotaru is timid, quiet and always keeps to herself. Never having had any real friends, she was surprised yet happy to have met Chibiusa. She had growing fears of losing herself someday and struggled to keep her dark side in check, so as not to harm those she held most dear.

When transformed into her alter ego, her personality melds with that of Sailor Saturn's, and she becomes more stoic, serious, and less empathetic; having a certain fondness for chaos and destruction.


Being the direct reincarnation of Sailor Saturn herself, Hotaru possesses unusually strong but minor healing abilities; capable of healing scrapes, bruises and scratches. She also has the ability to predict events that are yet to come.



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Baby Hotaru
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