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Hotaru Tomoe
土萠 ほたる
Tomoe Hotaru

Moon Kingdom, Crystal Tokyo

Resides in

Tokyo, Japan




Sailor Saturn, Messiah of Silence, Mistress 9, Princess Saturn


Sailor Saturn, Super Sailor Saturn, Eternal Sailor Saturn


Solar System Sailor Senshi


January 6th ()


12 (Infinity arc)
Newborn age (End of the Infinity arc)
6 months old with the appearance of a 5-year old (beginning of Act 44)
9-10 (end of Act 44-Stars arc)


147 cm or 4'10"





Blood Type

O (concept art)


Souichi Tomoe (father, deceased)
Keiko Tomoe (mother, deceased)


Japanese buckwheat noodles, the color purple, collecting lamps, world history


Milk, marathons, sports

First Appearance

Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition

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Hotaru Tomoe is the civilian identity of Sailor Saturn and the present-day reincarnation of Princess Saturn. When she is first introduced, she was possessed by Mistress 9 and later adopted by Michiru Kaiou, Haruka Tenou, and Setsuna Meiou following Mistress 9's defeat. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.



Hotaru is a petite girl with short dark purple hair, violet eyes, and pale skin.

On normal days, she wears a black turtleneck sweater, grey skirt, and black stockings. On other days, she will wear a black mini dress, and dark blue pantyhose. Her school uniform consists of a red top, green skirt, and blue pantyhose.


Infinity Arc

Prior to the manga's events, Hotaru was raised by her mother and father. An accident occurred in one of her father's labs, which killed her mother and fatally wounded Hotaru. To save her, her father replaced parts of her limbs with machinery, making her a cyborg. He also connected with Pharaoh 90, who had her possessed with a Daimon who would become Pharaoh 90's partner in the future.

Dream Arc

Hotaru appears in Act 44, which offers a glimpse of the Outer Senshi's current lives. Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna swore to raise Hotaru and to live a happy life together. Hotaru ages rapidly, up to ten years old and awakens as Sailor Saturn for the second time. She gives the other three Senshi new power and they all return to Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi to help them defeat the current enemy.

Stars Arc

In the first chapter of the Stars arc, Hotaru is seen holding hands with Chibiusa. Usagi sees them and remarks that they are acting very friendly. Hotaru then asks her why she is not holding Mamoru's hand. This causes Usagi to get very angry and push the girls away from each other.

Powers and Abilities

During Infinty Arc, Hotaru is shown to have healing power, curing Chibiusa's wounds after the battle in Act 28.

After being reborn, in Dead Moon Arc, more precisely in Act 44, Dream 6, she is also shown to grow in a faster rate than a normal human, and when critical moment comes, she turns back into a 15 year old teenager as she was before her rebirth in Infinity.

In the same chapter, she also possess power to project, through illusions, what's on her mind, showing Super Sailor Chibi Moon and Pegasus, and after that, the history of Solar System's creation.



Hotaru: The kanji of "Hotaru" (蛍) means "firefly." Fireflies are associated with the spirits of the dead in Japanese mythology, which fits her as she is the Sailor Soldier of Ruin/Death and Rebirth. Also, the first kanji in Tomoe is also the first character for the Japanese name for Saturn.

Tomoe: The kanji of "Tomoe" (土萠) translates as earth (to,土) and sprouting (moe, 萠)

So, her name means "firefly sprouting from Earth".


  • She is the second youngest Sailor Senshi.
    • This could be debated on, however, considering the fact that Chibiusa is actually more than 900 years old in the manga.
  • She is the only Sailor Senshi who is reborn after using her powers. The other Senshi stay alive after using their powers apart from Sailor Moon as Princess Serenity.


Power (m)
The Outer Senshi Street Clothes
The Outer Senshi in street clothes.
Outer Senshi Princesses
Cyborg Hotaru
Hotaru with robotic limbs
HSMHM Profiles Manga
Hotaru, Setsuna, Michiru, Haruka, and Minako's profiles from volume 10 of the tankoban version of the manga.

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Solar System Senshi and the Starlights School
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Modern Children

Hotaru Concept Art
Hotaru's concept art
Sketches of Hotaru Part 2

Kanzenban 10
The Inner Senshi on the cover of volume 10 of the Kanzenban manga.


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