Hiroki Takahashi
高橋 広樹
Takahashi Hiroki
Hiroki takahashi img1

September 4, 1974



BirthplaceAdachi, Tokyo, Japan

Voice actor, singer

SM Roles

Second anime series:

Hiroki Takahashi is a Japanese voice actor who voices Rubeus in the second anime series

Several of his anime roles include of Harima Kenji in School Rumble, Impmon/Beelzemmon in Digimon Tamers, Japan in Hetalia, Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Great Demon Lord in Beezlebub, Stephen Gevanni/Stephen Loud in Death Note and the current voice of Ryu in the Street Fighter series.

In terms of dubbing, he has played Major William Stryker in X-Men: Days of Future Past, Amsterdam in Gangs of New York, Optimus Prime in Transformers: Animated, and Skullboy in Ruby Gloom.[1]


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