Haruna's room

Haruna Sakurada's Home is briefly seen in episode 3, only her bedroom is shown with slight detail of what looks to be a kitchen.


Haruna's walls look to be tan and the carpet a light teal. Her bed has a wooden frame with white sheets and a white pillow with a pink blanket. The bed faces a closet on the opposite wall which a poster on it. She has a small glass table, a radio was shown on top of it in the episode. Beside the bed is a wooden dresser with items on top that can be assumed to be beauty products. At the foot of the bed is the entryway that doesn't have an actual door, but has pink beads handing from the frame that far less than halfway down. Through the doorway bits of her kitchen can be seen. Due to the size of the bedroom, kitchen and the close proximity of them it can be assumed she lives in a small apartment.

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