A Happy Valley Sailor Moon flower.

The Cymbidium MK1240(1) Happy Valley Sailor Moon is a hybrid orchid flower that was named after Sailor Moon. It is a breed of orchid called a Cymbidium, and they are known to only grow in a certain part of Japan. The reason why it is named after Sailor Moon is because scientist Shigeru Makoto Kono thought that the color of the orchid matched Usagi's hair. These flowers were registered on October 9th, 1997 and have expired 15 years later.


An entry about the flower on The Oracle (archived via Wayback).


Sailor Moon and HVSM Flowers in Artbook 5
A picture of Eternal Sailor Moon with Happy Valley Sailor Moon flowers. Picture is from Sailor Moon Artbook V
Mamoru and Usagi in Artbook 5
A picture of Usagi and Mamoru with the Happy Valley Sailor Moon flowers. The picture is from Sailor Moon Artbook V.
Usagi in Artbook 5
Usagi with the flowers in Artbook V.

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