Haja Enbu Kyaku
破邪炎舞脚 (はじゃえんぶきゃく)

Haja enbu kyaku sf

Haja enbu kyaku md


Sailor Mars


Physical attack

Haja Enbu Kyaku was an attack performed in two Sailor Moon video games, Sailor Moon for the Mega Drive and Sailor Moon R for Super Famicon, by Sailor Mars.

Video Games

All Versions

Using one hand to propel herself, Mars makes a medium-range attack spinning on her axis extending her leg to kick multiple targets at once.

Super Famicon

In the Super Famicom version, she rotates once and it requires energy expenditure only when succeeding on hitting the enemy.

Mega Drive

In the Mega Drive version, she rotates thrice and it requires energy expenditure even when not succeeding on hitting the enemy.

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