Ginzo Matsuo
Matsuo Ginzō
Ginzo Matsuo
Full Name

Kouichi Matsuo
(松尾広一, Matsuo Kōichi)


December 26, 1951

Died on

August 25, 2001



BirthplaceNakatsu, Oita Prefecture, Japan

Voice actor

SM Roles

Japanese anime:
Vice principal (episode 97)
Police Chief/Sailor Cop

Ginzo Matsuo was a Japanese voice actor who voiced the Police Chief/Sailor Cop in the anime.

Other roles of his included Hemu-Hemu in Nintama Rantarō, Ginnosuke Nohara in Crayon Shin-chan, Captain Smoker in One Piece, and Alexander T. Oyajiide in Ojamajo Doremi.[1]

Ginzo was also the founder of Gin Productions.

He died on August 25, 2001 from acute subarachnoid hemorrhage.[2]


  • His blood type was O.
  • His height was 163cm or about 5'3".


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