Gerardo Reyero
Full Name

Gerardo Reyero Muñoz


October 2, 1965



BirthplacePuebla, Mexico

Voice actor

SM Roles

Mexican dub:
Darien Chiba/Tuxedo Mask
Príncipe Endymion
Rey Endymion

Gerardo Reyero is a Mexican voice actor who worked in the Mexican dub of Sailor Moon as the second voice for Mamoru Chiba and all of his incarnations (From episode 66 until the end of the series). He also performed the roles of the teacher in episode 2, the waiter in episode 6, the bus driver in episode 9 and the contest's host in ep 16.[1]

In anime he is known for voicing Freezer in Dragon Ball Z, Garuda Aiacos, Scila Eo and Canes Asterion in Saint Seiya. In 2013 he started doing advertisement for a famous pastry shop named "El Globo" and he is now doing advertisement for Mexico's official TV and radio channels.[2]


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