Galactica Puppet
Gyarakutika Papetto
Galactia Puppet

Sailor Tin Nyanko (manga)
Sailor Tin Nyanko and Sailor Titanium Kerokko (musicals)


Energy-based attack

Items Used

Galactica Bracelets

Galactica Puppet is an attack used by Shadow Galactica members in the manga and the musicals.

Manga Series

In the manga series, Sailor Tin Nyanko performed this attack solo against Luna and Artemis.

Sera Myu

In the musicals, this attack was used by Sailor Tin Nyanko in the musical, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars" and the revision.

In the musical "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ Eternal Legend," it was performed by both Sailor Tin Nyanko and Sailor Titanium Kerokko.

In the revision, it was performed by Sailor Chi, Sailor Phi, and Sailor Theta.



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