Figuarts ZERO are figurines produced by Bandai Tamashii Nations and Volks. Unlike the S.H.Figuarts figurines, Figuarts ZERO figurines are unarticulated.

The first figurine was revealed in late 2013.

Sailor Moon

  • Release Date: March 2014
  • Measurements: 1/8 scale
More Sailor Moon ZERO
Sailor Moon ZERO Figur - Moon Princess Halation
ZERO and Figuarts Comparison
A comparison between the S.H Figuart and the ZERO

Sailor Mercury

An uncolored prototype of a Sailor Mercury figurine was seen at the Volks Akihabara Showroom in December 2013. The prototype was about 19cm tall.[1]

Prototype Mercury Figuarts Zero fig 1
Prototype version of Mercury's figure.
A colored version of the prototype was seen at Wonder Festival 2014.[2]
The colored prototype.
Finally, the figure became avaliable for pre-order. It was released in August 2014.[3]
SM Mercury ZERO
A picture of the Sailor Mercury when it came up for order

Sailor Venus

A colored prototype of a Sailor Venus figurine appeared at Wonder Festival 2014.[4]

The colored protoype.
Later, it was revealed that this figurine will be released in Japan in October 2014. Pre-orders for the figurine started in May.[5]
Venus FiguArt Zero
Promo image of the finished figurine.

Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars - Figuarts Zero

Sailor Jupiter


Future Figurines

In May 2014, shortly after the release date for the Sailor Venus figurine was revealed, it was announced that figurines for Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter were going to be made.

Mars Jupiter ZERO Prototypes
Prototypes of the Mars and Jupiter figuarts


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