Fighter Star Power, Make Up
Faitā Sutā Pawā Meiku Appu

Star fighter make up

Star fighter make 2

Transformation phrase for...

Sailor Star Fighter

Items used

Sailor Change Star

First Appearance

Fighter's True Form! A Shocking Super Transformation (anime)
Act 51 - Stars 2 (manga)

Fighter Star Power, Make Up was the transformation phrase that Seiya Kou used to transform into Sailor Star Fighter in the manga and the anime. In the anime, there were two different sequences used for the transformation; the second, more elaborate one was first used in episode 194.


In the first version of the transformation, Seiya's Sailor Change Star appeared and the star on it began to glow. In a flash of light the brooch affixed itself to his chest. He transformed back into female form in a flash, then with another flash, appeared in full sailor fuku. She struck several poses, then ended in her final one.

In the second version, Seiya's Sailor Change Star appeared and the star on it began to glow. Three stars flashed by and Seiya began to spin slowly, transforming back into female form before golden energy rushed up her body, forming her sailor fuku. She then assumed her ending pose.

Fighter Star Power Make Up ver 100:18

Fighter Star Power Make Up ver 1

Fighter Star Power Make Up ver 200:19

Fighter Star Power Make Up ver 2


This phrase first appeared in Act 51 Stars 2 in order to transform and kill Sailor Aluminum Seiren. In this version, Seiya had to hold up the winged brooch of her Sailor Change Star with one hand and say the phrase.


  • In the anime, the complete transformation sequence showed the Sailor Change Star on Fighter's ear, but after that the device is never shown, with a few exceptions.
  • The Italian dub used two different phrases for this transformation: "Potere stellare del coraggio, vieni a me!" (Power of Courage, come to me) and "Sorella gemella infinita del coraggio, vieni a me!" (Infinite Twin Sister, come to me!). The former was used during the first run of the Stars anime until halfway season , when it was changed to the second phrase (In re-runs the replacement was made to all the episodes). The other two Starlights' transformations phrases suffered the same change as well.

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