Fashion Building Heroine (ファッションビルHeroine) is a shopping center that appeared in the Codename: Sailor V manga series. 


In Chapter 10 of the manga series, Founde, an agent from the Dark Agency, built and managed this building. Each guest who entered the building received could chose a gift, either a CD, a video game, cookware, or lingerie. However, all of these free gifts were laced with dark power that hypnotized whomever bought them to defeat Sailor V.


Each floor of the building consisted of different department. They were:

  • First Floor: Cosmetics - managed by Liquid Founde
  • Second Floor: Apparel - managed by Water Founde
  • Third Floor: Tableware and Interior - managed by Powder Founde
  • Fourth Floor: Customer service and tour guides - managed by Solid Founde


  • When Minako approaches the building, she accidentally mispronounced "heroine" (girl hero) as "heroin" (the drug).


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